Probiotic Green Tea Packet

Probiotic Green Tea Packet

Probiotic Green Tea Packet

Our Authentic Green Probiotic Tea features robust flavor and active ingredients to support the body. The combination of probiotics, pan-fired green tea and white tea work together to create a nourishing blend, while antioxidant Vitamin C offers extra support.

Packet includes 5 tea bags.

Each tea bag contains 20% vitamin C. 3 tea bags per day provide 500 million CFU probiotics at time of manufacture.

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Brewing Methods


  • HEAT

    Heat fresh, filtered water until very hot but not boiling. (Green tea tastes best with slightly cooler water.)


    Pour 1 cup water over a tea bag in a cup. Steep 2 minutes and remove bag.

  • ENJOY.

    Sweeten if desired and enjoy.

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Nutrition Facts

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